Garden Furniture Cover

Realistically, a Garden Furniture Cover should be a one-time purchase. However, the fact is, that in today’s market quality is sacrificed over quality with manufacturers focusing on the ability to mass-produce as opposed to focusing on producing a quality product that will last for years. The upshot of this is that someone has to lose out and generally that means you – the consumer. This attitude is not the case with an outdoor furniture cover from Kingdom Teak. We have produced furniture and all its accessories for the outdoor market for over 10 years and have never compromised our focus on quality – full stop.

  • Premium covers for your garden furniture - Buy now
  • Premium covers for your garden furniture - Buy now
  • Premium covers for your garden furniture - Buy now

The cube set cover, for instance, is tailored to faultlessly cover two items of furniture – a 1.3 metre square table, or the cube set, where it gets its name from. The cube set is composed of furniture which can be compressed into a single cube with 1.3 square metre sides, the same dimensions as the table, for convenience and easier storage. This way, a single cube set cover will protect your entire furniture. What is more, it is affordable and worth every penny, as one single purchase will free you from years of stress.

Unlike public park benches, we can aspire to keep our garden benches unsoiled and neat at all times, for an elegant appearance of the garden as well as general cleanliness. Benches are at risk of being soiled or damaged, including by outdoor animals, especially because of their proximity to the ground. A garden bench cover will discourage such attempts, and also, if the bench is made of wood, avoid damage caused by precipitations, air humidity and extreme temperatures. Various sizes are available and you can be sure keeping your bench covered is the secret to an easy maintenance.

Apple day beds are luxurious, comfortable and fun for relaxing in the garden, but not if there is dust rising out of them with your every move. In order to breathe in the freshness of your garden and avoid inhaling the atmospheric dust deposited in the fabrics of your furniture instead, and preventing any damage done to your apple day bed by weather conditions, this cover is ideal, waterproof and affordable as well. It is also very easy to handle and secure on your furniture, for a quick covering and removal, thus less hassle for you.

Sun lounger structures and the materials they’re made from, are fairly similar to those of beds, and that means they can easily gather a fair amount of dust and bacteria, which is then in direct contact with your skin. Considering your garden sun longer is located outdoors, the quantities of dirt retained are a lot more substantial. By using a resilient sun lounger cover, not only will you make sure it always looks impeccable, but also protect yourself from skin rashes and allergies, so that sun bathing becomes a completely relaxing and carefree activity.

The garden table is the central piece of an outdoor furniture set and therefore needs increased attention in terms of keeping it safe from grime and damage. Whatever the size, shape and make of your garden table, you’ll find the suitable garden table cover by choosing from a broad range, all equally resistant when put to the test by nature’s wild mood swings. There are covers for rectangular or round tables of many sizes, and you can be sure your garden table will need less maintenance as well, as the cover will prevent dust and bacteria from accumulating on it.

Just because the parasol is designed for your protection, it doesn’t mean it deserves no shield of its own against the weather, as well as looking brand new when you need it. This accessible cover is easy to use and prevents the discolouring resulted from permanent exposure to sunlight and other damage likely to occur due to weather conditions. It will prevent it from gathering dust, being torn or scratched, as well as from looking overused. The parasol plays an important role in safeguarding your health, thus you should make sure it is in optimal condition.

Quality Garden Furniture Covers - Delivered to your door within 78 hours …

With a design to fit all types of outdoor furniture we cater for all needs. From simple Parasols Covers to specially cut and tailored covers to fit Apple Day Beds we believe we’ve covered every eventuality – no pun intended!

And they’re all made to the highest specification from heavy duty, 260g Polyester that has all the detail included:-

And, what’s more, they come in a very attractive shade of green in line with the classic garden theme.  

Pull cord for secure fitting
Water seal for a leak free cover
Water proof fabric for a leak free cover
Water repellent tretament for total protection

One size does not fit all …

Where Garden Furniture is concerned there are a massive amount of styles, sizes and types. Picnic Tables, for example can be either A-Framed or Round in design and built to accommodate anything from six to twelve people depending on the need.

Meaning that one standard size of weather cover would be too big and ineffective on some tables and just too small and useless entirely on others.

That’s why we’ve planned ahead with our very specific design. We’ve thought about the broad categories that fit under the outdoor furniture bracket and designed a cover to fit the basic shape of them all – from Outdoor Day Beds to the modern, and hugely popular, Rattan Cube Sets.

We’ve then designed a number of different sizes depending on the size of the design meaning that an eight-seat dining set will be covered just as completely as a four-seat dining set and so forth.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions but please feel free to give us a call if more information is required. If not, simply click on the link above that applies to your needs and you will automatically be taken to the main –purchasing area where you can finalise your purchase and schedule delivery.